About Us



Relation to Len Gibbs

As the family of Len Gibbs, we are so very proud to continue the legacy of a man who was considered one of the most important artists of his generation.  His fine skills in sketching and drawing or in painting with watercolour and acrylics reflect the sensitivity of a man with a great love for people, nature and life.

Len poured his heart into his paintings and, like many artists, would see potential subjects for painting in everything that surrounded him, from day to day living or the quietness of nature or simply from witnessing events and sights that struck his emotions.  These were all reflected in the tender scenes and lovingly rendered paintings he created.

We are very proud to be able to present his work to you and hope you will love the prints as much as we do and that the timeless beauty of his art gives life to your memories of times, places and emotions.

What We Do

To protect and maintain the legacy of the artist, and bring Len’s artwork to you, we carefully decide on what we believe Len Gibbs would want his legacy to be. To achieve this, we have chosen to continue his artwork for you to enjoy by producing high resolution Limited Edition Giclée prints. 

We offer limited edition prints of the art of Len Gibbs printed on canvas or archival paper. Each print comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, describing the edition type (canvas or paper), the print number and signed by an estate representative and also has instructions on how to care for your print. All for the serious art collector.

Working with our printer and our archives, Len’s art images are digitized and we review each image for accuracy of colour, tone and hue. Our printer has been in business for over 50 years and is consistently recognized as one of the leading commercial printers in North America. Utilizing best-in-class equipment, high quality, archival coloured inks and materials, the results are stunning, realistic reproductions of Len’s original paintings.

Giclée prints differ greatly from lithograph prints, in which one can see small dots in the images, such as those found in newpapers, magazines and poster prints. Giclée prints have often been mistaken for originals and can be found hanging in museums around the world when an original is not available. 

Because canvas prints do not require framing, they are a great, lower cost option and are a fraction of the price for an original painting. We also now offer our prints on acid-free, archive paper, which can be framed to your preferred tastes.