Can you tell me the value of a print or painting that I have?

We receive this question many times from individuals who have Len Gibbs prints, lithographs or paintings. The condition of a painting, print or other image, as well as any signatures or notations on the bottom or back of the image need to be properly evaluated by an expert. In that regard, we recommend that you have your art piece examined by a professional art appraiser. Uno Langman Limited Fine Art and Heffel Fine Art provide such appraisals, though you may want to enquire as to their fee for this service before proceeding.  A more economical route is to check with a librarian at your public library, as they have access to art auction websites and can provide selling prices for similar Len Gibbs artworks. It is our understanding that the libraries don't charge a fee for this, but you may want to ask first. 

Do you purchase Len Gibbs Artworks?

We do not buy artwork at this time. If you want to sell your Len Gibbs artwork, you may want to contact an art gallery or auction site. Reputable galleries such as Uno Langman Limited Fine Art and Heffel Fine Art both buy and auction art. Maynards Auctions and Westbridge Fine Art specialize in art auctions.

Do you have a certain image that I am looking for?

We have many unpublished images and we welcome your enquiry. We will always check our records.  Unfortunately, we do not have access to everything that Len Gibbs produced.